Secure Servers

Reliable and scalable Linux hosting solutions.

Clients worldwide have discovered why Managed Linux Hosting from DavesNetwork is a great choice. Our managed Linux hosting environment includes loads of managed security features like full-system, managed backup snapshots (14 days), and continuous monitoring and response. We proudly support Apache and the powerful LiteSpeed web server.

Every managed Linux hosting client receives protection from hackers. Period. We have the ability to protect PHP websites, applications, and databases from malice on the web. SQL Injections, XSS (Cross-site scripting), Malware, DoS/DDoS, Credit Card Exposure, and SSN Leakage are less of a concern for our hosting clients

We achieve high levels of protection, redundancy and speed by providing:
  • Secure hardened network design
  • Redundant managed firewalls
  • Multi-level IPS (network intrusion protection)
  • Intrusion detection system (IDS)
  • Web application protection (port 80/443)
  • VPN w/SSL provided for server management (SSH/FTP/MySQL)
  • Managed backups with 14-day retention
  • Real time event monitoring / alerting
  • Timely engineer response
  • Physical security, access control, and change management
  • Operating system patching
  • Virus protection and automatic updates
  • 1 Gbps burstable bandwidth